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 "Mr.Vuthy always arrived on time with clean, spacious and comfortable vehicle. Thanks to him, we, two couples had a relaxing 5D4N journey in Siam Reap. Moreover, he speaks Mandarin, English and other languages as well. Good job and would recommend to all!"

From TripAdvisor

Vince N,
May 2017

I just spent 3 days in Siem Reap with my family. Thanks to Mr. Vuthy and his driver friend, our trip turns out wonderful.

I have found Mr.Vuthy and his transportation service from Trip Advisor. I picked him because I read lots good comments about him including his honesty and good quality service. I was still worried at that time since my entire family except me who can speak English, all the other 5 can only understand Mandarin. I really wanted to make the trip fun for everyone but I knew it would not be easy cuz I did not know much about the temple...

Mr.Vuthy helped me a lot. He speaks decent English and he also speaks simple Mandarin. He gave me an idea of almost everything in his country. We went to see most famous temples as everyone else did but he also took us to see stone caving and silk farm. He always gave us options to choose what we would love to see and stopped wherever we requested. The entire trip was customised and organised. We had plenty fun and it was a little upset when we had to head back to Shanghai.

I am pretty sure I will recommend my friends whoever want to visit Cambodia to give Mr. Vuthy a call. I really appreciate Mr.Vuthy's service and hopefully more people can have memorable Siem Reap trips with him.

From my father:


这次去柬埔寨游玩,我觉得吴哥窟风景不但美丽,吴哥窟的人更友好。陪同Vuthy和司机从早到晚,不辞辛劳很尽责陪同我们。他不但会讲英文,还会讲一些中文。而且他开的价格也很合理。 下次如有机会,我还会去找他。在此,我们再次感谢Vuthy和他的司机。



Wu Jia (Regina)

Vuthy was highly recommended by a good friend and it has been a wonderful decision. With an amiable and humourous personality, Vuthy is also very patient, and has a good command of English. He will never fail to entertain you on those long road trips! He will also cater to your every request! We decided to extend our ''day tours'' to include a visit to an orphanage (on two nights) and he waited patiently for us, even when he didn't need to!

He had originally planned a 'package' for us, but it is totally customisable and he is very willing to change the power packed itinerary. His rates are reasonable and Vuthy doubles up as a guide, and will dazzle you with his indepth and extensive historical knowledge of Ang Kor and beyond.

What we liked was that he tried his best to plan the temple hopping so that we didn't run into hordes of tourists. Visiting sites with few or no tourists is a totally different experience.

We would highly recommend Vuthy to our family and friends when they visit Siem Reap!

Awkunh ch'ran Vuthy!

Darren and Say Tuck

We recently spent three fantastic days exploring the temples at Angkor with Mr Vuthy and can’t speak highly enough of him. We found him friendly, knowledgeable and extremely patient (our bus to Siem Reap broke down and was 4 hours late – even so, he was there waiting for us at the station!).

With his explanations, recommendations and tips, he really made the experience a pleasure. His descriptions of contemporary Cambodia and the historical events that have made the country what it is were also fascinating.

We were also particularly grateful for him talking us into visiting the ‘flooded forest’ of Kompong Phhluk – it turned out to be a welcome break from all the temple-going!

Ken and Claire Walthamstow,

My family and I (husband and two sons 19 and 16) spent a few days in Siem Reap. Our visit was made even more enjoyable with the assistance of Mr Vuthy. We met Mr Vuthy by chance, when we needed a tuk-tuk outside the Old Market in Siem Reap. We got chatting and as a result Mr Vuthy looked after our transport and tourist needs for the next couple of days.

We had already visited Angkor Wat and wanted to visit Aki Ra’s Land Mine Museum. Mr Vuthy was happy to take us… and it was a sobering and thought provoking visit… after Angkor Wat, quite a a different look at Cambodia’s history.

We found Mr Vuthy to be a very pleasant and helpful person who has a good knowledge of his country’s history that he is very happy to share. As a bonus, when we told him we were going to take a boat to Phnom Phen, he arranged for a friend in Phnom Phen with a tuk-tuk to meet us from the boat. Mr Jet proved to be a reliable and pleasant guide to Phnom Phen and got on particularly well with our sons, being not a lot older than them, like Mr Vuthy!

We would happily recommend Mr Vuthy’s services for transport in Siem Reap and we can see the advantage of going to Angkor Wat with a driver who is also able to act as a guide!

Jenni Quin 
Sydney, Australia

Hello Brother Vuthy,

I wanted to thank you so much for the the great and informative tour of Ankor Wat and the other places that Siem Reap offered. I enjoyed the fact that you told me the history of many of the temples and I did not need to hire a tour guide at an extra cost. I also appreciated the fact that you new the best places to eat and the places to relax in the evening.

Although it was hot and I had lots of walking to do to get though all the temples I new you Brother Vuthy would be waiting for me with a cold water when I had finished my tour. Finally on the days I slept in and did not feel like doing a tour you were still waiting for me in the morning waiting to show off your beautiful country. Thanks for your patience and for the best tour of South Asia I have had thus far.

Dale Schleppe 
Edmonton, Canada

My wife and have spent two periods of five days based in Siem Reap. On our first visit we were extremely lucky to meet Vuthy.

We found Vuthy to be totally reliable, and very knowledgeable about the Angkor area and places to visit. He is a kind, thoughtful, honest and charming person, and he enhanced our visit to Siem Reap. We enjoyed driving through the countryside in his Tuk Tuk, the airflow was a welcome relief to the heat.

His English is of a very high standard, and it was fantastic to catch up again the following year. We can recommend Vuthy as a reliable and knowledgeable guide for anyone visiting the Angkor region. We will return again!

Ray and Roz Langmaid
Tasmania, Australia 

Vuthy is an extremely approachable , friendly and capable Driver . My experiences with him on many occasions have been positive. He is knowledgeable on all facets of Siem Reap and especially the Angkhor Complex of temples.

He is both safe and punctual and brings a wealth of  experience. He can speak several languages including English ;and is only too willing to either suggest activities or allow you to dictate the tour.

I have found him to be most reliable and would highly recommend him.

Wayne Ryan

In 2008 I spent three days in Siem Reap while visiting the sites at Ankhor Wat. I have also spent much time in Thailand, so I have experience with tuk-tuk drivers. I would like to state without reservation that Mr. Vuthy is the best tuk-tuk driver I have had the pleasure to meet.

I wish I had employed him for my time at Ankhor Wat rather than the taxi driver I hired. I did however employ him in Siem Reap and he was most knowledgeable of the local entertainment. He was efficient, respectful,discreet, very reasonable with his prices and spoke English fairly well.

The most memorable time I spent with Mr. Vuthy was after my evening had ended and he drove me back to my hotel. As I waited for my wife and daughter to return from their shopping, Mr. Vuthy talked with me and gave me an accounting of his father's experience under the Khamer Rouge. It was a great question and answser session. For those interested in History, both past and present, or just a very capable tuk-tuk driver, I highly recommend Mr. Vuthy Thy.

Andrew W. Tucker
Cleveland, Ohio

Vuthy was our driver during our five-day stay in Siem Riep in March 2009. He proved himself very reliable at all times and an excellent driver, both in his car (for longer trips) and in his tuk-tuk (for rides to and among the closer temples). He was kind and courteous and we especially appreciated his gentle good humour. Knowing we were avid photographers hoping to beat the crowds, he suggested times and places to suit our needs. We recommend him very highly to anyone coming to Siem Riep!

The Mueller family
Ottawa, Canada

I happened to know Mr Vuthy from www.go2eu.com which is the most popular website for young chinese in terms of oversea travelling. He is ranked as one of top drivers whom deliver excellent customer service. My experience tells me that it's no doubt for him to take this honor.

I, with my friend Mary, really had great time with him. He is not only a driver but tour guide. His knowledge to the history, his way of telling you story and his attitude to life is extremely impressive for us. In general, tour guide always works for money, however Vuthy gave us total different impression. He is more like our friends who have been known for years.

Mary and I are heading to our next station, Vietnam. I told Mary that I really feel so sad to leave Vuthy, my dear friend who is the best memory of Siem Reap. Hope he keeps positive attitude to life and stay happy for ever.

PS. It would be your pity when visiting Siem Reap without him.

Mary and Maggie 
Xiamen, China

In August 2007 my wife and I visited Siem Reap, where we met Mr Vuthy by chance. We chose him as our guide and driver for a 3 day period, which turned out to be a very good decision. A very obliging guy, nothing was too much bother and we agreed prices before-hand so there was no arguing at the end, as seems to happen with a lot of people. Mr Vuthy is a genuine guy who is trying hard to improve his business and life for his family and deserves all the support he can get.

In January 2009 my son and his wife also used Mr Vuthy as a guide for 3 days and loved their Cambodia experience, especially being taken to Mr Vuthy’s home for a dinner, which was the high-light of their stay. I recommend this guy to you for a real Cambodia experience.

Graham and Lyn Saxon 
Warkworth, New Zealand

这次去柬埔寨游玩,我觉得吴哥窟风景不但美丽,吴哥窟的人更友好。陪同Vuthy和司机从早到晚,不辞辛劳很尽责陪同我们。他不但会讲英文,还会讲一些中文。而且他开的价格也很合理。 下次如有机会,我还会去找他。在此,我们再次感谢Vuthy和他的司机。


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